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786-899-0660 | 25 SE 1st Ave Miami, FL 33131 | Open EVERYDAY 12pm-6pm


Q. Does Sneak Peek Luxury buy sneakers?

A. Yes! This is typically done in store and our interest depends on style, size, color and condition. 


Q. How do I consign something with Sneak Peek Luxury?

A. It's easy! Simply fill out the consignment form from our consignment page and we will let you know when your item has sold! We can consign apparel and watches as well!


Q. How do I know your merchandise is authentic?

A. All of our merchandise is 100% authentic. Our trained staff have a keen eye for fake merchandise and make sure none of it ever reaches our shelves or our site.


Q. How do consignors get paid?

A. Consignors are paid out via check written out to the name on the consignment form. 


Q. How is merchandise shipped to out of town customers?

A. We ship using UPS and provide tracking info as soon as items are handed off to the UPS store or courier. 


Q. Does Sneak Peek Luxury accept trades?

A. We accept trades in store ONLY. 


Q. How is the price of merchandise determined?

A. Prices are based on market value on our website. In store prices can be negotiable but typically mirror market value as well. 


Q. What is your return policy?

A. We do not accept any returns or exchanges and we do not issue refunds. All sales are final.


Q. If I consign with Sneak Peek Luxury, how long will it take for my merchandise to sell?

A. We have a large customer base which allows us to sell merchandise fairly quickly. However, we cannot make any guarantees as far as time to sell consigned inventory as it all depends on the price you set. A price closer to market value will sell quickest.