Meet the Team

Michael Vinokur


Founder - Owner - CEO

Mike is a relentless entrepreneurial force that cannot be stopped. Growing up in Miami, he was never the best in school but it was due more to a lack of interest than motivation or intelligence. He always had the ability to make a stranger feel as though they had known him their whole life. This vibrance of spirit combined with his savvy business acumen has allowed him to grow Sneak Peek Luxury into a legitimate player in the South Florida luxury apparel industry. In his free time, Mike loves to spend time with his family at the beach and playing basketball with friends. He is also a die hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan and is known to be seen at Steelers training camp hanging out with the team.


Brandon Garber


Founder - Owner - Vice President of Sales

Brandon is another entrepreneurial powerhouse that drives Sneak Peek Luxury forward. From an early age, Brandon knew how to capitalize on opportunities. He started out as a personal buyer and seller in the sneaker game in middle school and has never stopped. After graduating from Florida State, Brandon had a string of jobs including line cook at Chipotle before getting involved with Watch Buyers in Downtown Miami. He has become a reliable source for authentic watches far below market and his relentless negotiating and sales driven mindset is a huge asset to the Sneak Peek Luxury team. Be careful though, also known as the “Defamer,” Brandon is known to catch you on snapchat in compromising situations. In his spare time, Brandon is learning how to code and enjoys binge watching TV shows.


Daniel Cohen


Owner - COO

Dan is an accomplished real estate broker who stepped away from the industry to become a part owner of Sneak Peek Luxury. Sneakers were always a passion of his and he could not resist the opportunity to make a living out of it. Since joining the team, he has become a part of the family. From hiring contractors to renovate our stores to making sure we have the best displays, Dan makes sure that our lives at Sneak Peek Luxury run smoothly. His positive attitude and huge smile always brings good energy to the room.


Will Campbell


Executive Vice President

Will grew up in Miami with the rest of the team and attended the University of Florida where he obtained a degree in Advertising. While working as an ad salesman for The Robb Report, he began working part time for Sneak Peek Luxury as a social media manager. In time, he moved back to Miami and became a more involved team member and has grown to become an integral part of the companies internal workings. He is currently studying Environmental Engineering at FIU. In his spare time he loves spending time with family and friends and watching sports.


Saige Mills


Creative Director - Photographer

Saige is an incredibly gifted photographer that has been with us for a couple of years now. Born and raised in Miami, Saige has an excellent eye for fashion and culture. Currently studying advertising at FIU, he brings a fresh perspective to our marketing team everyday. Saige started out as a freelance photographer but has grown his role to become an important part of our marketing vision. His vision and skill bring our content to the next level.



Jon White


Sales Manager

Jon White is a Chicago native who has been in the sneaker game his whole life. Growing up as a huge fan of basketball, sneakers were an obvious passion. Jon’s relentless hard work and go getter attitude are personified by the quote he lives by, “No risk, no reward.” In his spare time, Jon loves to play basketball and Call of Duty. He leaves an open invitation to anyone who thinks they can beat him in either, one on one. His professional demeanor and attention to detail make him a vital part of our store operations.



Alec Kreisberg


Creative Director - Videographer

Alec is a visual effects/cinematic guru who is the brain behind our video content. From youtube vlogs to psychedelic Instagram videos, Alec does it all. Born and raised in Miami, he has always been an artistic mind and we are lucky to have him as a creative engineer behind our marketing vision. He is currently studying visual effects and videography at New World School of the Arts.