Restoration and Customs

Restoring used sneakers to nearly DS condition is a difficult process that requires a lot of time and skill. Trying to restore a sneaker without experience would be a big mistake. Let our team take care of you! We have talented restoration technicians who have years of experience that will have your kicks looking like they are fresh from the box! 

We offer custom services as well. Take a standard sneaker and make it your own. If you have creative ideas to improve a pair of sneakers, our team can take direction from you to bring your vision to life! 

If you are interested in either restoration or custom jobs, send us a picture of the shoes you want us to work on and we will send you a quote! 

Here’s how:

  1. Email us at requesting a quote! Be sure to send detailed pictures and let us know if you are requesting a restoration or custom job.
  2. If you are requesting a custom job, include some of the aspects you would like changed. 
  3. You send us your shoes along with the Sneak Peek Luxury Restoration Form.
  4. We complete the job and send your sneakers back.
  5. You must pay the full amount before shipping your sneakers.