SPL x Drip Ninja Hype Box Exclusive

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The Sneak Peek Luxury "Hype Box" is bringing back the "W" in the Hype World. Why take an "L", when we created a box that will be tailored to your needs. Our "Hype Box" will give you the option to choose your sneaker and t-shirt size.

After you choose your sizes for your hype fit, we will fill in the box with additional surprises such as Vintage tees, Graphic tees, Supreme Accessories, Action Figures and Sports Cards.

The Hype Box will contain the following items:

-Sneakers ( Air Jordan or Yeezy )

-Hype Brand Tee ( Anti Social Social Club, Supreme, Bape or VLone )

-Vintage and Graphic Tees ( Various Local Brands and Concert or Event Tees )

-Supreme, Nike or Chinatown Market Stickers

-Sports Cards 

-Funko Pop Figurine 

-And more...